duterte-chinaTrending Now! Philippines is an online news portal that aims to bring the latest in news and popular trends to its readers, with the goal of making its followers be more informed and to call each and everyone of them to positive action.

The site features local and international news: may it be about politics, society, peace and order anPhilippines US Violent Protestd the like. It also brings the latest trends in popular culture, music, arts, sports, movies and TV and the Internet. This would help the people be more informed and be better equipped in making intelligent choices in whichever issues they would need to face, may it be as simple as starting a new hobby to more serious issues like criminality, job security and the like.  Being informed is very important in creating people that will be better equipped in being partners for positive change.

gilas-norwood-dunks-scolaThrough Trending Now! Philippines, the writer also aims to inspire and promote positive change that will benefit the society. It aims to push its readers to be involved in building the nation and motivating the people to take the first steps in initiating civic action to help the less fortunate. There will be features about good deeds and public services that will inspire the people and make them realize that doing good deeds will always result to good things.

Finally, this news portal aims to push its readers to be trendsetters in their own way. May it be in their chosen profession, in their personal interests or passion, in promoting social good and even in dealing with the issues the country faces domestically and internationally, being better informed will help in creating positive action. Trending Now! Philippines is not only about informing its readers about the latest trends, it also aims to inspire them to be positive trendsetters by themselves. The news portal is committed to helping to motivate people to be partners for change.

events-heavenly-headerTrending Now! Philippines will feature the following:

  • Regular news on current events in and around the Philippines.
  • Feature articles on the latest trends in different fields of interest
  • Personalities and organizations that inspires and calls the society to action
  • Events that brings positive change for the community and the nation

Discover. Be Involved. Be a Trendsetter. Follow Trending Now! Philippines.