About the Writer

dfhgfTrending Now! Philippines‘ writer, Jerlo Kevin Pasamba Rialp, is a Manila-based news writer and blogger. He is currently taking up his Juris Doctor degree at the University of Makati while serving as a Client Solutions Officer for a major international bank.

He completed his bachelors degree on Communication Arts at the Philippine Women’s University. He was a volunteer news writer and contributor for UNTVweb.com, the online news portal for UNTV News and Rescue channel. He was also a contributing writer for DanielRazon.com, the personal website of UNTV’s CEO, Dr. Daniel S. Razon, DHum., who is known as a topnotch broadcast journalist, innovator and public servant. These factors have exposed him to a depth of experience as a news and feature writer on an online platform. It has also carved his passion for journalistic writing and has been the inspiration for him to create Trending Now! Philippines as a credible source for news and trends in and out of the country.

He was a former marketing specialist, account manager, student affairs officer and online English teacher. Constant communication with clients from abroad gave him a strong grasp of the international landscape and popular trends, while experience communicating with younger generations kept him in the know with the latest trends and issues affecting society, particularly millennials. 2016-03-26-07-28-25-hdr-3

He has also attended seminars and courses that discusses the local and international political relations and trends. The writer looks to use the knowledge he has gained from these places of learning in providing relevant news and trends through Trending Now! Philippines..

Jerlo is committed to developing Trending Now! Philippines from scratch to a credible online news outlet, a premiere brand, giving its readers up-to-date news on the local and international scene and information on the latest trends in various fields of interest such as music, sports, movies and television, arts and so much more.

The writer also maintains a personal blog site Life Hacks With Bes, which focuses more on his personal adventures and provides tips and tricks based on these experiences.

2016-04-15-09-46-40On a side note, the writer is a basketball junkie, looking to play basketball on every available opportunity and closely following the local and international basketball scene on a regular basis.

He is also an avid biker, taking his mountain bike on rides within the city and even to nearby provinces. Most of the time though, he takes his bike around the metropolis to try out restaurants and food places, making him a certified foodie as well.

He is also aspiring to be a bookworm, but of the non-fiction kind though. His top pick is the Bible, as he believes that it is the best book that a man could ever read. He is a Christian by faith.